Our Infant Program


At WeCare Childcare, we provide a safe and nurturing environment with a maximum group size of 9 children. Our ratio is 1 teacher for every 3 children. Our program is designed to stimulate social skills, mobility, curiosity, discovery and learning.

We recognize that early care and development are critical to your child's success throughout the educational journey. Our RECE-certified teachers ensure your infant's physical, emotional and cognitive development through a variety of fun, hands-on and interactive activities. Although infants learn through play, we follow the framework directed by the Ministry of Education "How Does Learning Happen".

Our center uses the ProCare App to record your child's daily routines such as meals, nap time, activities, developmental observations and skills. Daily records with real-time photo and video updates are available to parents.

Cognitive Development


Although infants may not always understand what is being said, research shows that exposure to words at a young age helps prepare the child for reading on their own at a later age. Our infant program includes 15 minutes of reading time twice a day.

Touch, Feel & Grasp

Infants learn through simple reflex activities. Our center provides a multitude of toys such as stuffed toys, textured toys and toys that make sounds when touched. This allows your infant an opportunity to feel, hold, grasp and manipulate objects.

Learn-Through-Play & Exploration

Our teachers use the learn-through-play approach to introduce to your infant concepts such as “cause and effect” and “object permanence”. Our “Exploration Area” offers your infant a space to crawl, discover and develop the sense of curiosity.


Music Infants can recognize song melody prior to understanding words. Exposure to music in early childhood can accelerate brain development, particularly language comprehension and reading skills. Face-to-face singing to infants provides benefits such as emotional bonding and learning the association between sound and emotions. Our teachers use a variety of musical activities that are incorporated into daily play time.

Social & Physical Development

Social Development

Our teachers promote the development of social skills through speech, eye-contact, sound-mimicking, body language and facial expressions. Positive bonds with caregivers are critical for your child’s social, mental and emotional development. Our teachers reinforce positive core beliefs for each child by promoting the sense of being valued, loved and cared for.

Physical Development

Daily physical activity in early childhood promotes gross motor development, coordination, improved fitness, cardiovascular health, improved sleep and improved sense of well-being. Our teachers encourage daily physical activity in infants through tummy time, play time (including outdoor play time), exploration and music. Our “Exploration Area” provides infants a safe and non-restrictive area in which to crawl, discover and grasp and feel new objects.