Toddler Program


Our center and programs are designed to stimulate social skills, mobility, curiosity, discovery and learning. Our ratio is 1 teachers for every 5 children.

  • Our RECE-certified teachers use a variety of fun, hands-on and interactive activities to stimulate your toddler's social skills and awareness; language development, self-help skills, problem solving and physical development. We offer arts, music, drama, Zumba and French as part of our core program. Our center follows the framework directed by the Ministry of Education "How Does Learning Happen".
  • Our center uses Sandbox to record your child's daily routines such as meals, nap time, activities, developmental observations and skills. Daily records with real-time photo and video updates are available to parents.

Cognitive Development

Language Development

Our teachers use a range of daily activities such as singing, reading and pretend play to encourage speech and language development in your toddler. French lessons are available as part of our core program.


Learn-Through-Play – Introduction to alphabet, numbers and basic science

Our teachers use the learn-through-play approach to introduce concepts such as spatial awareness, self-regulation, team work, alphabet recognition, numbers and basic science. Our center offers a wide range of toys, such as puzzles, stacking cups and construction blocks, to encourage cognitive development in your child. Sensory play is used to stimulate your child’s senses and encourage creative, social, emotional, cognitive development and fine motor skills.

Creative Activities

Creative activities provide benefits such as promoting your toddler’s cognitive and intellectual development as well as social and emotional benefits. Our teachers use activities such as arts and crafts and dramatic play to encourage problem solving, concentration, imagination and critical thinking.



Musical activities offer cognitive, physical and emotional benefits in your toddler’s development. Interaction with musical instruments help your child learn new thinking skills and explore the concept of “cause and effect”. Singing helps develop speech as well as serves as an effective way to remember new information. Our teachers use a variety of musical activities that are incorporated into daily play time.  Additionally, weekly formal music lessons are included as part of the core program.

Meal Plans

We consider proper nutrition and healthy ingredients to be top priority for a child's well-being and development. Find out more information about our organic meal plans prepared by an on-site chef!

Social & Physical Development

Social Development

Positive bonds with teachers and peers are critical for your child’s social, mental and emotional development. Our teachers reinforce positive core beliefs for each child by promoting the sense of being valued, loved and cared for. Group play activities help promote social skills, cooperation, communication, self-control and team work.


Physical Development

Daily physical activity in early childhood promotes gross motor development, coordination, improved fitness, cardiovascular health, improved sleep and improved sense of well-being. Our teachers encourage daily physical activity through music, dance, gymnastics as well as indoor and outdoor play activities. Zumba is offered once a week.


Our standard hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Evenings, weekends and holidays are available for your convenience upon request.

We consider proper nutrition and healthy ingredients to be top priority for a child’s well-being and development. All of our meals are prepared fresh on-site by our chef. We use mainly organic ingredients. Please follow this link for more information.

Each child is assigned his own cot and bedding, our children never sleep on mats.  Our staff conducts regular check-ins during quiet hours. Our teachers work with parents to ensure synergy with your child’s nap and feeding times.

Our center is equipped with security cameras operating 24/7.

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To get a tour of our facilities please call us at (905) 832-3000 or click the link below to register your interest. Saturday tours are by appointment only.

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