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We consider proper nutrition and healthy ingredients to be top priority for a child's well-being and development. At WeCare Childcare we provide:

  • Mainly organic ingredients
  • Fresh meals prepared on-site
  • Synergy with your child's feeding schedule
  • Nutrition education for children

Sample Menu

BreakfastOatmeal with blueberries, milk (substitute toast, cheese, milk)Omelet, milk (substitute yogurt, granola, banana, milk)7 grain cereal, toast, milk (substitute toast, cheese, milk)Yogurt with granola, milk (substitute toast, cheese, milk)French toast with cheese, milk (substitute yogurt, granola, banana, milk)
LunchChicken noodle soup, fresh vegetables, bread. Milk Beef and vegetable stew. Fresh salad, bread. MilkMini home made pizzas, fresh vegetables. MilkChicken, rice, vegetable soup, bread. MilkMacaroni and cheese, fresh vegetables. Milk
Snack 1Fresh Fruit, crackersFresh fruit, crackersFresh fruit, crackersFresh fruit, crackersFresh fruit, crackers
SupperBeef with mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables. CompotBurgers with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. CompotChicken with rice and vegetables. Fresh salad, bread. CompotBuckwheat with meatballs in tomato sauce. Fresh vegetables. CompotFish with roasted potatoes and fresh salad. Compot

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We are located on 815 Teston Road, Maple, ON.

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